Monday, April 1, 2013

Rock the Vote for PUMA Elections!

This Wednesday at 7pm, PUMA will be having its annual election for officer position. We encourage all members to participate in the election. Here is the basic rundown for the elections based off our 2012 by-laws
  • Anyone who wishes to run for an officer position MUST be in good standing with the organization
    • Basically, you have paid your dues
  • Officers must be a member of the AMS and NWA
    • Fees can be paid after the election ($20 each)
  • Officer positions officially begin June 1st
    • Unofficially begin immediately after the election
  • Any member who has paid their dues can vote and nominate candidates
    • Any member who has not paid their dues can still come to the election, but they are not allowed to participate in the nomination and voting process
  • In order to run for an officer position, you must be nominated by another member in attendance
    • Both you and your nominator have to be physically present
    • No absentee voting, nominations, or candidacy allowed
  • To win the officer position, you must receive a simple majority of the votes
    • 50% + 1 vote
    • In the event where no one received a majority of the votes, a run off election will immediately follow between the top 2 candidates from the previous election
  • Order of the election
    1. President
    2. Vice-President
    3. Secretary
    4. Treasurer
Here are the basic officer duties. Please note that your duties are not limited to what is described in the by-laws, and that often officers work together to help PUMA succeed.
  • President
    • Reports directly to the AMS and NWA
    • Preside at all the meetings
    • Coordinate and plan group activities
    • Obtain appropriate facilities
    • Maintain contact with adviser, department faculty and staff, members, and officers
    • Chair the Executive Committee
  • Vice-President
    • Assume the duties of the President when necessary
    • Directly assist the President
      • About 90% of the job, but it also depends on the President
    •  Chair the Program Committee
  • Secretary
    • Assume duties of Vice-President when needed
    • Directly assist the Vice-President
    • Keep records and minutes of officer and general meetings
    • Maintain and update online accounts
    • Facebook, Twitter, Blog, G-Mail
    • Contact potential guest speakers
    • Chair the Publicity and Outreach Committee
  • Treasurer
    • Maintain financial records
    • Prepare budgest
    • Prepare reimbursement for club payments
      • Purdue policy: treasurers are not allowed to reimburse themselves
    • Prepare budget reports monthly, or when requested
    • Seek grants and financial support
    • Organize fundraisers
    • Chair Finance and Membership Committee
    • Assume the duties of the Secretary when needed
If you are a PUMA member, please do consider running for an officer position. All the officers can testify that it is a great experience, it looks great on a resume, and you have fun at the same time! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact any of the PUMA officers.

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