Sunday, January 6, 2013

PUMA at AMS 2013


Three of our officers (Kayla, Juan, and Bryce), our adviser (Dr. Lasher-Trapp), as well as various members are in Austin, Texas (or preparing to travel to Austin) for the 2013 Annual Meeting of the American Meteorological Society. This is a great opportunity for many of our members to present their research throughout the year, as well as network with professionals in the field and college students at other universities.

This year, PUMA members will be presenting various projects at the 12th Annual Student Conference tonight:
Sophomores: 2 from EAS 226
Juniors: 1 from Synoptic 1/Thermodynamics, Analyzing the vertical structure of the Atmosphere during the 2012 Drought.
Seniors: 2 from the Senior Project in Weather Observations and Measurements (Front Analysis and Urban Heat Island) as well as the Sea Breeze Research Trip from spring break in 2012.

On top of these poster presentations, our Secretary, Bryce O'Neill, will be giving an oral presentation on Tuesday afternoon discussing the Chicago Heat Wave in 2012.

Along with this, PUMA is also presenting a chapter poster for the first time in years! Check it out below:

Make sure to check out the PUMA poster throughout the week if you get the chance! PUMA and Purdue are well represented this year at AMS. Purdue has sent plenty of students in the past, but this year PUMA is making a lasting impression on the conference, which hasn't been present in recent years. We hope that our future officers will continue to make PUMA a regular presence at AMS and NWA conferences.

We'll see you in Austin!