Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Summer blog series-- President: Kayla Hudson

For the rest of the summer, the PUMA officer team is going to take turns blogging about their summer experiences.  First up is Kayla:

Hello everyone!! It’s hard to believe in one month we will be sitting in class taking notes and pulling long nights in the fourth floor of civil.  Summer is flying by very fast! As many of you know, I am a senior from Patoka, Indiana which is located in the southwestern corner of the state.  I grew up on my family’s farm.  I guess that is part of the reason why I have always had an interest in the weather, because it plays a huge role for my family.  I have a younger sister who is a freshman at Purdue.  I am also engaged to a Purdue alumnus, and we will be married in May.  Hopefully, by that time, I will either a have a job lined up, or better yet, a graduate school.  This summer, I have an internship with the Indiana State Climate Office.  We have been super busy lately answering questions in regards to the current drought situation.

About a month ago I was able to visit Boulder, Colorado through NCAR’s Undergraduate Leadership Workshop.  There were 20 students selected from various universities across the United States and Canada. The purpose of the workshop is to help develop leadership skills and prepare for graduate school.  Throughout the week I visited NCAR, UCAR, NOAA: NWS and Space Weather, and various other academic facilities which were very impressive!  I was able to meet both the president and director of NCAR and faculty from prestigious universities such as Oklahoma.  We were able to hear how they achieved the position they are currently working.  Since everyone attending the conference had an interest in graduate school, we had a panel of graduate students talk to us about what to expect, and then opened up the floor for questions.  It was very beneficial! We were actually able to see the wildfires from our dorm room windows.  We took one afternoon away from academics and went up in the Rocky Mountains.  The view is incredible!  If you ever have the chance to go take it! It is something you will never forget!  However, be sure to drink plenty of water ahead of time to help your body adjust to the extreme change in height.  I have posted pictures on Facebook, so feel free to look through them.

I hope everyone is having an awesome summer, and I can’t wait to see everyone in the fall!

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