Friday, April 27, 2012

The PUMA Blog reaches 1,000 viewers!

Secretary/Vice President-Elect: Juan Crespo

Three months ago this past Wednesday, I was sitting in my hotel room in New Orleans reflecting on the lessons I had learned during the AMS Conference since Saturday. Some of it included the talks I went to, but most of my thinking was focused on how could we improve PUMA. Of the 20 student chapters represented at the conference, almost 75% of them presented a poster about their group. Meanwhile, Purdue rested in their shadows for yet another year, not even proclaiming the great accomplishments PUMA has had recently. We needed a way to show the rest of the meteorological community how great PUMA really was.

Then it occurred to me, why not create a blog?! We were going no where by attempting to address our aging website, and other student chapters were having success with their blogs. I quickly created a Blogger account for PUMA under my name and made our first post in just over an hour, making me arrive late to the AMS Banquet that night. I had my doubts about the blog, it could just be redundant with the Facebook and Twitter accounts for PUMA, no one would want to take the time to read it, etc. But soon enough, the benefits of the blog paid off. From having the ability to post minutes from our meetings, to Alyssa updating us on her study abroad trip this semester in Europe, to my post the night before the deadly Southern Indiana/Kentucky tornadoes, the PUMA blog was a success. But we aren't done yet.

PUMA is continuing to grow like a parcel rising dry adiabatically in the atmosphere, and the PUMA blog will be right there to share with our viewers its progress. Here's to the next 1,000 views and a bright future for PUMA.

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