Monday, February 13, 2012

PUMA Softball

President: Layc Brock

Hey everyone!  Hope your week is off to a wonderful start.  If you haven't already heard, PUMA will have an intramural softball team this spring.  

There are a couple things to think about if you want to play:
First of all, sign ups are starting now!  Please contact Gianna Hartman, who has graciously taken it upon herself to organize all of this, if you would like to sign up (  If you are still undecided you can always sign up at our next meeting on February 21st, but that will be the LAST DAY.

Second, PUMA is paying the registration fee for the team, so don't worry about the cost!  The team will decide on shirts as a whole.  Your options will be agreeing on a certain color to wear or ordering shirts.  If the team wants to order special shirts, we can always open this to all PUMA members as well.  They could be specifically PUMA softball shirts (like with a name, number, logo on the front) or just another general PUMA shirt.  We would love to hear your ideas and input on this!  Keep in mind shirts will be an expense you are responsible for.

Finally, there are two very important details to make the team work.  The team will have to agree on a day of the week to have the games.  This can be discussed with Gianna during your sign up.  Also, there must be at least 4 girls to play.  We currently only have 2 girls.  That means... WE NEED MORE GIRLS!  Spread the word and tell all your friends!

Feel free to contact Gianna, myself, or any of the officers for more information.  And don't forget our next meeting is Tuesday, February 21st.  Our Mardi Gras party will start at 5:30 in Civil 2201 followed by Dr. Trapp speaking about the 2011 Tornado Season at 6:30.  Hope to see you there :)


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