Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Minutes from January 31st, 2012 Meeting

Secretary: Juan Crespo
  1. Opening: Welcome back
  2. Discussed new PUMA blog
  3. Talked about 92nd AMS Conference, views from those who attended
    1. Seniors: Kristen Fischer, Ryan Meiszberg, and Paul Brandt
    2. Juniors: Juan Crespo and Bryce O'Neill
    3. Opportunities to go to 93rd AMS Conference in Austin
      1. January 6th-10th
  4. Brief mention of PUMA Dual AMS/NWA Membership application
  5. Some members only paid dues for one semester/have yet to pay
    1. $10 membership dues for the remaining school year
    2. Contact Treasurer, Kristen Fischer, for more details
  6. Plans for the Semester
    1. More social events
    2. Outreach
      1. Recruiting
      2. Community Service
    3. Faculty Interaction
    4. Storm Spotter Training
  7. Changes for the semester
    1. New Blog
    2. Vice President, Alyssa Hendricks, currently abroad in England
    3. New display case
    4. More involvement from members
  8. Next Meeting: February 21st, CIVL 2201
    1. Mardi Gras Party: 5:30pm
    2. Talk by Dr. Trapp on 2011 Tornado Season at 6:30pm

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