Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Welcome to the new PUMA Blog!

Secretary: Juan Crespo

Greetings from New Orleans! I, along with hundreds of students and thousands of professionals, have been learning about ground-breaking research in our field over the last couple of days. However, with the dramatic weather events from 2011, from Snowmageddon, the Mississippi flooding, Alabama and Joplin tornadoes, it seems that the focus is not so much on improving the forecasting (but it does help), but rather more on communicating with the public effectively in order to save lives. I'm sure the seniors and some of the juniors, including yours truly, will tell you more about our AMS Conference experience on Tuesday at the Spring Semester call out.

Throughout the conference, local chapters had the chance to present a poster showing AMS members what their chapter has done recently. Sadly, Purdue has not presented one in the last 4 years, but I hope to change that for the AMS conference next year in Austin. I've gotten many ideas from chapters that are similar to PUMA, and some of them we might start implementing this semester, one of them is a blog. Since we are a little slow in developing a website, we are going to start a blog since it is easy to use and highly accessible. Us four officers will use this blog, in coordination with our Twitter and Facebook, to broadcast various PUMA events, opportunities, as well as various updates from our officers (like our Vice President, Alyssa Hendricks, who is currently in Leeds, England to study abroad). If any members feel that they want to post something to the blog, please feel free to contact one of us, and we will gladly post it for you.

We hope you find our new blog useful and increase the activity of our members. Boiler Up!

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