Thursday, January 26, 2012

Flying through our lab

Secretary: Juan Crespo

I am currently sitting in the Orlando International Airport waiting for my flight back to Indy as I am currently on my way back from the AMS Conference. As part of my Atmospheric Physics course with Lasher-Trapp, we had to take cloud observations, and I got special permission to do my cloud obs from the plane. I took some neat pictures on my flight from New Orleans to Orlando so I thought I would share some with you (but don't take any if you're in EAS 532! These are my pictures!). Once you are an Atmospheric Science major, it's impossible to view the Earth the same way. Our flight out of NOLA was delayed by a few minutes due to storms earlier that morning. The pilots took the plane south around the line of storms into the Gulf of Mexico, we even had to fly through cirrus clouds just to get out of the system. But once we were over the Gulf, I saw all kinds of clouds, with the exception of cumulonimbus :( What was interesting was when we approached the Florida coast, it was clear over the Gulf but the mainland was covered with cumulus congestus clouds, showing a lovely land-sea breeze interaction affecting the atmosphere above.

Next time you fly, enjoy the view and analyze those clouds! For those who aren't atmospheric science majors, learn what you can about our amazing planet and its atmosphere, and appreciate the planet we have been given.

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